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Trading Card Sleeves

Protective plastic card sleeves are designed for holding game trading cards like MTG(Magic the Gathering), YuGiOh! Pokémon, etc. They can also be applied as protectors for greeting card & credit cards. The sleeves come in two styles: the regular square-cornered and the custom round-cornered. Except for the existing sizes listed below, custom-design card sleeves are welcome as well.

1. Custom Trading Card Sleeves MTG – Round

Custom, round-cornered trading card sleeves are produced with the technique of ultrasonic welding. The presence of molds is required. Compared to the regular square models, such sleeves have the merits of stronger seals and more smooth edges.

Sizes: MTG(65.6*90.55mm) & 68*91.95mm.
Sleeve material: Virgin PP film.
Finish: Matte or glossy surfaces.
Customizability: (1) New molds required for custom sizes. (2) Different Pantone colors and film thicknesses are readily available.

Packing details:
(1) For card sleeves mtg(65.6*90.55mm)
Packing: 55 pcs/pack, 220 packs/carton.
Carton size:56*29*23.5 cm.
(2) For card sleeves 68*91.95mm
Packing: 55 pcs/pack, 162 packs/carton.
Carton size:46.5*33*16cm.

Black Protective Sleeves for YuGiOh! Trading Cards

2. Protective Card Sleeves MTG/YuGiOh – Square

Square-cornered trading card sleeves are made with heat sealing without involvement of mold setup. Hence they have greater degree of customizability.

Sizes:MTG(65.5*90.25mm), YuGiOh! (62*90mm) or custom.
Sleeve material: virgin PP film.
Finish: glossy/matte.
Customizability: (1) Diferent sizes & film thicknesses and assorted colors can be easily made available.

Packing details:
Packing: 100 pcs/pack, 140 packs/carton.
Carton size:39*40*21 cm or 37*40*21 cm.

Minimum order quantity: 55,000pcs

Plastic Card Sleeve Protectors for MTG - Orange