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Injection Molded Plastic Cases

The plastic injection sector focuses mainly on small to medium sized injection molded plastic cases. The product portfolio ranges from game boxes & CD DVD cases to electronics & accessories containers, and other custom-made displaying or protecting holders. Material used includes polypropylene(PP) or polystyrene (PS).  Small Plastic cases with assorted Pantone colors and foam inserts are available on request.

Pros & Cons of Plastic PP Vs PS
PP(polypropylene) and PS(polystyrene) are two common material that used for making small plastic cases. Yet either has distinct merits and flaws: (1) PP boxes are sturdy and protective from impact, but less transparent. Also, they are suitable for attaching film to the outside for inserting paper labels.
(2) On the contrary, containers made with GPPS(general purpose polystyrene) are crystal clear & glossy and good for displaying, but more fragile. HIPS (high impact polystyrene) is impact resistant, however, at the cost of transparency.