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Non-woven CD Sleeves

• Material: Virgin polypropelene (PP).
• Can be used in CD wallets, aluminum cases or alone.

(1) The middle lining: 50G non-woven fabric.
(Alternative non-woven fabric :35G, 40G, and 60 grams, etc.)
(2) The outer clear covers: 0.08mm thick PP film, matte or glossy.
(Alternatives: 60/70/90 Microns, 100/120 micron thick film,etc.)
(3) Dimensions : 143*130mm.
(4) Colors: Black, white, blue, red/pink, yellow/orange, purple & green, etc., with assorted colors available for the non-woven lining.

Regular Double CD Sleeves

Sleeve with 2 binding holes

Horizontal with 2 Binding Holes

Horizontal 5 Holes

Vertical with Flip Cover

Single DVD Sleeves with Flap Cover

Hanging CD Sleeves

DVD Sleeves

DVD Sleeves with Flap Covers

Minimum order quantity: 50,000 ~ 200,000 pieces.