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Professional CD Jewel Case and DVD cases,Paper boxes manufacturer in China

Innove Group

Welcome to visit our website for CD jewel case DVD case,paper packaging boxes and OEM custom plastic containers! Innove is a professional provider for all your media packaging demands, choose desired items from the widest product family or contact us for help!


paper-packaging-boxes Paper Packaging Boxes
Sustainable round paper boxes intended for luxury cosmetics,jewelry,gift,food,electronics,souvenirs etc.
Innove package offers a wide range of paper packaging boxes or round packaging tubes for your producs packaging.No matter your business is big or small,we offer you the ideal custom packaging for your business representations.


CD jewel case is the most original creation for holding VCD or CD discs. CD jewel case is made with polystyrene material (PS), which attributes cd cases the features of super transparency and rigidity.

Multiple CD Case Multiple CD Jewel Case
Triple CD jewel case (3-cd), quadruple CD jewel case (4-disc), quintuple (5-cd) and sextuple CD jewel case (6-CDs) with middle trays.
Various colors available.

CD Jewel CasesStandard CD Jewel Case
10mm standard CD jewel case single and double, 5.2mm slim CD jewel case single & DOUBLE(new).
CD digitrays, single & double DVD digitrays.
Super transparent, black and various Pantone colors available for each model.


Blu-ray DVD Cases Blu-ray DVD Cases
Deluxe DVD cases designed for blu-ray DVD medias. Innove offers a wide range of boxes in this category including 5mm, 7mm, 10mm cases for one or two discs and uniquely 14mm multiple bluray cases for 3 or 4 bluray dvds.

PP CD Case Half-size Small DVD Case
Also called short DVD case or PP CD cases. There are 5.2mm ultra slim, 7mm slim, 9mm/10mm and 11mm/12mm sizes of small dvd cases, with capacity of single(1-cd), double (2 cd dvd), and multiple-discs.

Standard DVD Cases Standard DVD Case Series
Includes 5.2mm ultra slim DVD cases (long), 7mm slim, 9mm, 12mm and 14mm DVD cases, with single and double capacity available for each.
Super transparent cases available for 14mm and 7mm. All Pantone colors available.

Multiple DVD CaseMultiple DVD Cases Series
Three styles: (1) overlap multiple  dvd cases without inserted trays, (2) multiple dvd cases with trays, and (3) with both overlapping and trays, e.g., 14mm quadruple overlap dvd cases, 28mm ocutuple (8-disc) dvd case.  All capacities up to 12-way multiple cases available with Innove.


Miscellaneous Cases: clamshell CD case, calendar CD cases, card box, game boxes, various PP (non-woven) sleeves, OPP self-adhesive bags, etc.
Plastic Injection Molds: Design and make moulds for media cases, game box and other custom plastic containers, cold-runner and hot-runner, etc. We provide you custom OEM/ODM projects and professional in-house molding support.