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Custom Game Cases

Innove is an experienced manufacturer for custom plastic cases. So far, the company has supplied various quality protective cases for video game discs like Sony PSP UMD & Nintendo DS cards and board game spinner cases, etc.

Clear PSP UMD Game Cases

1. PSP Game Cases

The plastic holders are designed for PSP UMD video game discs, also known as PSP UMD storage case.

Unit weight: 50 grams.
Material: virgin PP.
Finish: glossy transparent.

Packing details:
Carton size:38*36*21cm.

2. Custom Game Cases for Nintendo DS Card

Material: Virgin PP.
Finish: Glossy Transparent.

Packing details:
Packing:25pcs/pack, 100pcs/carton.
Carton size:49*25.7*27.7cm.

Minimum order quantity: 10,000 units.

Custom Game Cases for Nintendo DS Card