Safety precautions on industrial paper tubes production

Industrial paper tubes and cores boast benefits of low cost, light weight, easy to recycle and eco-friendlieness. Their wide application should go a long way towards building a greener world. Recently in China, with the rapid development of the economy, such packaging alternatives have also been attracting significant attentions, especially in industries like paper making, packaging,textile and chemical fiber, etc.

As the demand for paper tubes is rocketing, lifting the production efficiency is no doubt important. But ensuring the safe production is what paper box factories can not afford to make light of. Below are the matters that attentions should be paid to:

  1. Pre-use inspection of equipment. Check  switch conditions, wiring insulation, fitting of screws & nuts, protective devices, etc. Add lubricants where necessary, run machines without load for 1~2 minutes and make sure that they function smoothly before production.
  2. Equipment management. Assign full-time manager and strictly prohibit any unauthorized use. Work cards, measuring implement or other unrelated articles are not allowed to be placed upon machines. Operators are forbidden to leave without permission.
  3. Paper cutting. (1) When cutting with general machines, the cutting height should be kept under 125 mm, and clamp the paper according to the size requirements. Do not use paper cutters to cut any other material. Each machine should be operated by at least two coordinating workers. Keep hands away from the press or blades (2) When cut with dedicated paper cutter, keep hands clear from the moving roller.
  4.  Edge polishing. Guard against trouser legs getting in, and protect hands from hurting by the sand wheel when adjusting machines.