Lagging informatization of china‘s packaging industry

The wave of information has become an irresistible trend and flourished across China’s industries. However, the informationizing endeavor of packaging industry has largely lagged behind the national average. That will definitely restrain its future development and may possibly widen the gap between domestic and international packaging industries. Given this situation, we hereunder do an analysis on the information construction status of China’s packaging industry.

1. Lack of Awareness.
Within the industry, awareness of information is insufficient, and the understanding of information is obviously biased. Most packaging companies see the simple use of computers and networks as information technology and some even hold a skeptical mindset. Apparently, the significance of information is far from being well recognized…All of such misconceptions contribute to the slow progress of information technology in China’s packaging industry.

2. Shortage of Funds
The lack of knowledge and understanding of informationization results in lack of funds invested. Our survey indicates that in most packaging companies, the proportion of funds invested in information technology is about a humble 4%, which is almost negligible compared to their foreign competitors.

3. Lack of Inter-disciplinary Talents
What the industry needs are the talents that not only master information technology, but also have enough industrial knowledge. The survey indicates that such inter-disciplinary talents is critically under-supplied.

4. Application Software
Packaging is a new and dynamic industry. Application software suitable for China packaging industry is scarce. Most applications created abroad are either too expensive to afford, or totally incompatible with the domestic industry. The few developed by the industry can’t meet the potentially huge demands.

5. Information Service Agencies
There are few professional information service agencies. A good service agency understands the industry and provide technical support for companies, facilitate their transformation and upgrading of information systems.

To sum up, China’s packaging industry is yet at the outset of informationization. As a traditional manufacturing industry, packaging enterprises should pay attention to the process control and attach importance to information technology.