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Cardboard Tubes

Industrial cardboard tubes & cores varies with their applications. Basically, there are four types of core tubing made available, supplied either for semi-finished material(cores) or for printed final packaging cylinders:

 Heavy-duty paper cores. Withstand high compressive strength and have consistent surfaces seams. Uses for industries which entail large rolls like paper-making, plastic films etc. Such paper tubing can sustain high-speed heavy-load winding .
Thin-wall tubes. Thin walled, with smooth ends & precise length. Light weight reliable and suitable for adhesive tapes, cling wraps, medicine etc.
Spandex paper Cores. Come with accurate dimensions and weight. Custom notching is available. Use for heavy-duty spandex yarns.
Metal Capped Cores. Ends reinforced with iron sheets, make them recyclable and reusable, and hence help save costs.

Cardboard Tubing Cores
Industrial Tubes

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